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What happening with 5D?

"GET" now available on (EDM-Techno)

Wow! Is this ever an alternative "5D" tech house hit! It flows smooth, with a deep message! 5D Psychic Systems & Brother Light Band worked well on this one. We are spiritual beings, and without fear, we can admit that we manifest, choose and ask for all we "GET" from our birth to death. We are God, the planets, solar system and universe. EDM-Techno is happy to drop it once again.

"HIGHER GROUND" now available on (EDM-Progressive)

Welcome progressive house lovers... EDM-Progressive presents; 5D Psychic Systems & Brother Light Band, and their new stompin hit; "Higher Ground'. Brother Light Band has chosen to integrate their sound and message with the master of EDM; 5D Psychic Systems for this unique and powerful release. Karma Soul Records EDM-Progressive truly takes it to Higher Ground with this track. There is "No Going Back" with this one!

"ACCESS" now available on (EDM-House)

Brother Light Band has mixed up a Jazzy, Groovy Storm with 5D Psychic Systems on this release! For those that love funky/club house with an alternative edge, EDM-House suggests this track will do. This one's for you! The message here is; "It's a Good Time to Break Through", and we have no doubt that it will. So turn up your speakers, wherever you are, get ready to dance and let it all go in the flow!

Essential Guide Hard House, Vol. 14

5D Psychic Systems, Remember 1998. Tracks and remixes from Marc Lewis, Manik, The VaderMonkey, Drake Liddell, Leighton Smith, Nikkdbubble, Danny Fierce, Bowie666, McMarkus, Ultrasonic, Sergio Caubal, 5D Psychic Systems, D:Fi, Delusion, Rebel Frequency, Dale West & Sean Inside Out, Banks & Taylor, DJ Navas & Isaac Sanchez, Gaz F & Ben Stevens, Matt Wade & Marky P, Stompalott vs Digital Mafia, Elite Hardhouse, Insidous & Greenfingaz, Sebastian Storm vs Digital Mafia, Sean Inside Out & Dale West

Essential Guide Hard House, Vol. 13

5D Psychic Systems, Live Communicative Network. Tracks and remixes from $hano, Knuckleheadz, Rick James, 5D Psychic Systems, Aaron James, Abzolution, Alf Graham, Amp Attack, Anarkey, Ben Stevens, #Rolling Out, 12 Inch Thumpers, 2 Bald Men, 2 Twisted Twunts, A Mega Noise, A.C. Band & Halfstyle, Aaron Langstaff Vs Konekt & Rich Resonate, AMT, Andy Farley & Colin Barratt

Randay Manipulation - 5D Psychic Systems Remixes.

We've been working in the studio back and forth for some time now. It's all paid off and the house remixes have been born.

5D RMX Music

5D RMX (5D Psychic Systems Remix) will provide any artist or group with the most unique and diverse remixes in any EDM genre.

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