The story of 5D and where things are headed


Michael Byron Henry know as 5D Psychic Systems has a lot to offer to the world of EDM production, coming from an influential background in; experimental, hip-hop, alternative, folk rock, as well as taking part in electronic based live acts. Experience is vast and well balanced for this artist in dance music. Diverse and creative production interest for many years, combined with involvement in the rave scene through 1998-2003, ignited a wide passion for new growth in electronic music. Interest to expand over 9 genres, lead to many successful releases in all forms of house, techno, drum and bass, breaks, trance, psy-trance and beyond. 5D’s accuracy, sound style, diversity and efficient production techniques have strengthened this psychic’s unique remixing skills. 5D Psychic Systems connects us all to nature, with a world message of freedom, universe, and planetary information present through all. Natural spiritual energy continues to flow through this artist’s current expression. 5D’s primary label is Karma Soul Records, featuring a new expanding EDM series hosting the best of 5D and other great artists. In the studio, the focus is on multilevel sound production, remixing and mastering and other diverse developments.

5D Psychic Systems

5D Psychic Systems has expanded new producions over 9 genres. With highly diverse skills, this artist has grown strong roots in the dance music field and beyond.